IVY Masterclass SeriesMUN & Debate by Student Mentors from Harvard University

Nurturing school students into dynamic Debaters and MUN Leaders, in a global classroom through LIVE, Interactive and fun sessions with Harvard Student Mentors

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About Ivy Masterclass Series by Student Mentors from Harvard University

The Ivy Masterclass Series is aimed at democratizing Ivy League education for students across the globe. The sessions in the Ivy Masterclass Series on Mun and Debate are meticulously designed to empower students with critical communication skills and knowledge of international relations, global diplomacy, negotiations, and conflict management. This is led by Student Mentors from Harvard University with extensive experience and specialization in Model United Nations and debate.

Conducted through LIVE sessions with Student Mentors from Harvard University, what sets this program apart is the vibrant global community it cultivates. Here, school students collaborate and forge connections with other students across the globe. They become a part of an international network, all while learning and growing alongside their peers and distinguished instructors.

This Ivy Masterclass Series equips students with the tools they need not only to thrive in their MUN and debate endeavors but also to become influential leaders and effective communicators in the field of international relations and public discourse.

  • Program TypeLIVE & Online on Zoom
  • Duration 1 hour every weekend
  • ScheduleSaturdays/Sundays
  • CertificationSeparate Certificate for each Masterclass, Co-certified by Ivy Masterclass Series and Learn With Leaders
  • Who can attendStudents from Grades 6 - 12

Awards & Recognition for Students

  • Certificate from Ivy Masterclass Series to enhance your portfolio.
  • Opportunities to get featured on our social media pages.
  • Eligibility for special scholarships in our various programs, fellowships and competitions.

Enhance your resume and student portfolio with the Ivy Masterclass certificate

Key Benefits For Students

  • Certification and Portfolio BuildingEarn certificates for each masterclass, showcasing mastery of key concepts, thus building a strong professional portfolio.
  • Enhanced Skill BuildingDevelop practical skills ranging from effective communication & critical thinking to leadership, essential for academic & professional success.
  • Career Readiness Prepare for future educational & career opportunities, gaining a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Tailored CurriculumImmerse in a meticulously designed program based on student feedback and preferences.
  • Global PerspectivesGain a broader perspective and open doors to international opportunities and cross-cultural experiences.
  • Holistic EducationExperience holistic learning beyond traditional academic subjects, emphasizing personal growth, ethics, & community engagement.

Series 1 | Duration: 60 mins each

Introduction to Model United Nations and Debate

This series familiarizes you with the fundamentals of Model United Nations (MUN) and Debate. By the end of this series you will know how to navigate the intricacies of diplomatic discourse, and develop essential research and public speaking skills.

  • Masterclass 01Understanding Model United Nations (MUN)

    Explore the history, structure, and purpose of MUN and gain insights into its tremendous importance in the world of diplomacy.

  • Masterclass 02The Art of Effective Research

    Learn research methodologies and strategies to gather relevant information critical to a strong performance in MUN and debate topics.

  • Masterclass 03Mastering Public Speaking

    Hone your public speaking skills, focusing on clarity, tone, and confidence in delivering compelling speeches.

  • Masterclass 04Diplomatic Discourse and Etiquette

    Look closely at the etiquettes and protocols of diplomatic discourse, including the art of negotiation and consensus-building.

Series 2 | Duration: 60 mins each

Preparing for MUN and Debate Competitions

This series equips you with the tools and techniques needed to excel in MUN and Debate competitions.

  • Masterclass 05Crafting Persuasive Arguments

    Learn the art of presenting your case effectively in MUN and debate settings and constructing convincing arguments.

  • Masterclass 06International Relations and Global Affairs

    Gain insights into international relations theory and contemporary global issues that are crucial for MUN and debate.

  • Masterclass 07Speech and Resolution Drafting

    Master the skills of drafting impactful speeches and resolutions that stand out in MUN and debate forums.

  • Masterclass 08Mock Debate and Committee Simulation

    Participate in a mock debate and committee simulation to apply your learning and prepare for real-world competitions.

Series 3 | Duration: 60 mins each

Advanced Techniques in MUN and Debate

This series sharpens your MUN and debate skills with advanced techniques in rhetoric, negotiation, and crisis management.

  • Masterclass 09Rhetoric and Persuasion

    Refine your rhetorical skills to deliver compelling speeches and persuasive arguments.

  • Masterclass 10Crisis Management and Unmoderated Caucuses

    Learn to effectively navigate crises, unmoderated caucuses, and spontaneous diplomacy in MUN simulations.

  • Masterclass 11Advanced Negotiation Strategies

    Upskill to advanced negotiation strategies and tactics employed in diplomatic negotiations.

  • Masterclass 12Role of Technology in MUN and Debate

    Get a magnified view of the role of technology in modern MUN and debate, including online conferences and digital research tools.

Series 4 | Duration: 60 mins each

Leadership and Chairing in MUN

Develop leadership skills for chairing MUN committees, guiding debates, and ensuring productive and orderly discussions.

  • Masterclass 13Chairing Techniques and Committee Management

    Learn effective command and control, and maintaining decorum during MUN sessions.

  • Masterclass 14Crisis Chairing and Dynamic Committees

    Deep-dive into crisis chairing and handling dynamic committees with multiple crises and scenarios.

  • Masterclass 15Providing Constructive Feedback

    Develop skills of constructive feedback to delegates and also enhancing their MUN and debate performance.

  • Masterclass 16The Role of the Chair in Resolutions

    Understand the role of the chair in resolution drafting and the responsibilities associated with it.

Series 5 | Duration: 60 mins each

MUN and Debate in Action

Bring to bear your razor-sharp MUN and Debate skills in live simulations; honing your crisis response abilities and engaging in cross-examination techniques.

  • Masterclass 17Live MUN Committee Simulation

    Apply your knowledge, and experience real-world diplomatic scenarios in a live MUN committee simulation.

  • Masterclass 18Crisis Response and Real-Time Decision-Making

    Harness your crisis response skills by making real-time decisions and adapting to unexpected situations.

  • Masterclass 19Cross-Examination and Debate Tournaments

    Grasp cross-examination techniques and engage in debate tournaments to sharpen your competitive edge.

  • Masterclass 20Closing Ceremonies and Diplomatic Reception

    Savour the ceremonial aspects of MUN, including closing ceremonies and diplomatic receptions.

Series 6 | Duration: 60 mins each

MUN and Debate Beyond Competitions

Explore the broader applications of MUN and debate skills, including careers in diplomacy, public speaking, and international relations.

  • Masterclass 21Career Opportunities in Diplomacy

    Discover career pathways in diplomacy, international relations, and related fields where MUN and debate expertise is invaluable.

  • Masterclass 22The Art of Persuasive Public Speaking

    Learn to leverage your public speaking skills acquired from MUN and debate in various professional settings.

  • Masterclass 23Model United Nations as a Catalyst for Change

    Explore MUN as a platform for social change and activism on global issues.

  • Masterclass 24Your Role in Global Diplomacy

    Reflect on your role in global diplomacy and how MUN and debate contribute to a better world.

  • Frequency24 Masterclasses (Choose any topic(s) that you wish to attend)
  • Duration 60 mins per Masterclass
  • Who can attendStudents from Grades 6 - 12
  • CertificationSeparate Certificate for each Masterclass, Co-certified by Ivy Masterclass Series and Learn With Leaders
  • 12 Masterclasses* (Choose any 3 Series)
    Regular Fee
    Special Scholarship Fee $150

    *Most Preferred

  • 24 Masterclasses (Choose any 6 Series)
    Regular Fee
    Special Scholarship Fee $250

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